Industrial Consulting

With twenty years of experience on the metal-mechanics industry, Chemical Coslett has gathered a wide range of experience on the field, contact us for enhancing your cleaning, painting or baking process.

Salt Spray Chamber

Worried on how long will your pieces last to environment corrosion?

The salt spray test could measure in a range of years (approx), the corrosive environment resistance of the whole process of painting, which is cleaning, painting and baking.
This testing is based on the ASTM standards

Oven Thermography (DATAPAC)

Do you know if your oven is baking properly?
A thermography helps understand whether the oven is homogeneously baking or its baking certain areas only.

Testing: All of our testings are based on the ASTM standards Our functional testing laboratory

Fold testing

This test measures the elasticity of the coating, when the sample is folded or subjected to a stretching force, the coating could present fissures if the elasticity is low.

Cure testing

EThis test measures how cured the powder coating is, this depends mostly on the oven and the quality of the powder coating. If the coating is not entirely cured the sample could present the following:

  • Peeling with minor knocks
  • Gloss deficiency / Over gloss
  • Easy to scratch


This test measures the right thickness according to the requirements of the client. An adequate thickness depends in some part, of the pretreatment done on the sample, the baking way of the oven, and of course the quality of the powder coating.


One of the most common on the industry, it measures the adhesion of the coating in an immediate way, a bad adhesion depends on two factors, the cleaning of the metallic surface and the quality of the powder coating.


The testing measures the elasticity of the powder coating as an impact form, this is similar to the folding test, but the strength applied to the sample is different and abrupt. If the powder coating does not have the sufficient elasticity, it will present cracks near the impact area.


The test measures the surface tension formed by the powder coating, it is commonly applied with a scratch utensil.