The aeronautics industry is an evolving industry, we design products exclusively for airplanes based on the specific customer’s needs.

Cleaning/ Paint strippers / Overhaul turbine-motor / Protection / NDT / Magnetic particles / Others


  • For airplane fuselage cleaning.
  • Wheels/compressors and aeronautic turbines cleaning.
  • Thrust reversers/undercarriages cleaning.
  • Electric/electronic cell pieces. Dissolvent.
  • Structural and cushion cleaning by dissolvent/decarboniser.

Paint Strippers

  • Spray/Immersion.
  • Removal of silicon sealants.


  • Removal of corrosion on steel and aluminum.
  • Moisture displacers.

NDT (Nondestructive test)

  • Defect, fissure detection by red or fluorescent penetrant liquids.
  • Magnetic particles.


  • Paint flocculants for cabin circuits.
  • Non cyanide electrolytic degreasers.
  • Calibration fluid for fuel systems.
  • Hand washer for heavy oils.